“Nostalgia: Sentimiento de pena por la lejanía, la ausencia, la privación o la pérdida de alguien o algo queridos.” Decidí comenzar con la definición exacta de lo que es la nostalgia, porque la verdad no encuentro las palabras indicadas para describirla yo misma, ni tampoco siento que podría explicar todo lo que abarca este sentimiento en una sola oración. La nostalgia es algo que ha … Continue reading Nostalgia:

The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Other Countries around the World

The war in Ukraine has not only affected the countries in Europe, but it has created an economic and social crisis worldwide. Whilst we support Ukraine and tackle its humanitarian crisis, there are wider consequences from the war too. In the last few decades, the world has improved in various aspects. Economic developments, social developments and investments have been successful. Extreme poverty, inequalities, and the … Continue reading The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Other Countries around the World

The Misconception of Banned Books

Many of us have heard about “Banned Books”, but what does the term actually mean? A banned book is a book that has been removed from libraries, schools, or bookstores, usually by private individuals, government officials, or an organization. There are also challenged books, which are books people think should be removed, but haven’t. When a book is banned, it becomes unavailable in certain spaces, … Continue reading The Misconception of Banned Books

Black Swan Film Review

By Constanza Gomez You have most likely heard of this critically acclaimed film before, if not, you definitely have heard of the famous ballet composed by Peter-Ilitch Thaicovscy, Swan Lake.  This film gets me every time I rewatch it, it plays with your mind and is the perfect combination of my favourite genres; thriller, horror, and drama. Black Swan is about a ballerina, Nina Sayers … Continue reading Black Swan Film Review

We were on a break?

There has been an unresolved debate regarding the sitcom Friends for many years now. It all began in episode fifteen of season three, titled “The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break.” Due to the fact that she got cut up at work, Rachel was unable to celebrate her and Rosse’s anniversary in this episode. Ross decides to bring a picnic basket to her … Continue reading We were on a break?