No Soy Mi TCA

Prefería no salir con mis amigas porque no sabía si esto involucraría comer y prefería evitarlo. Dejé de ir a reuniones y lonches familiares por miedo a lo que habría de comer y también por cómo me verían. Perdí tantos recuerdos y desperdicié tantos momentos, que nunca podré recuperar.  Continue reading No Soy Mi TCA

Black Swan Film Review

By Constanza Gomez You have most likely heard of this critically acclaimed film before, if not, you definitely have heard of the famous ballet composed by Peter-Ilitch Thaicovscy, Swan Lake.  This film gets me every time I rewatch it, it plays with your mind and is the perfect combination of my favourite genres; thriller, horror, and drama. Black Swan is about a ballerina, Nina Sayers … Continue reading Black Swan Film Review

The Truth Behind Being a Twin

Okay so for starters, no, being a twin does not feel different and no we don’t have twin telepathy. When people find out I have a twin the most frequently asked question is “how does it feel?” and to be honest, I never know how to respond. For me, it’s like a built-in friend for life who is kinda obligated to love you and at … Continue reading The Truth Behind Being a Twin