Blake Lively’s Met Gala Gown – Alexia Allen

We can all agree that this was one of the most breathtaking appearances in this year’s Gilded Glamour themed Met Gala, not solely because of her transformation on the red carpet, but also because of the detail behind her gorgeous gown. Blake Lively wore a custom Versace gown which included tributes to New York City. Blake revealed that a special element from her NYC inspired gown was in honour of her role as Serena Van der Woodsen in ‘Gossip Girl’

Initially, Blake appeared on the red carpet with a bronze coloured gown and later on, revealed a turquoise underside, the change in colour was in representation of the oxidation of the Statue of Liberty. Along the great reveal mid-steps, the train of her gown featured an embroidered constellation intended to represent the ceiling at Grand Central Station, a place which Blake holds deep in her heart.

During a vogue interview Blake gave us an insight of the detail and significance behind each part of her gown. She explains how the torso section of her gown, with gorgeous shimmery copper rectangles, detailed the Empire State Building. She then described that some of the draping was in similarity from the Statue of Liberty. The train of her gown was an embroidered painting of the ceiling at Grand Central Station.

Another very elaborately detailed part of her look was her copper crown which included seven spikes since the Statue of Liberty also has seven spikes, representing the seven seas and seven continents which resembles freedom and inclusivity. On top of that, there are 25 windows in the statute, so 25 stones were incorporated into the crown.

Overall, this look was one of the most popular that circled the internet during this year’s Gilded Glamour Met Gala. Blake has yet again left everyone in awe of her mesmerising look put together, as well as the meaningful details put behind it all. Blake Lively always understands the assignment and leaves a small mark in the history of the Met.

Alexia Allen

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