Love Yourself and Everything Will Fall in Line

Time is key

Why do people walk all over me? Why can’t I stand up for myself?

These were the two most repeated questions I asked myself over the past few years. I recently discovered it has everything to do with the lack of love you show yourself. Basically, a way you begin the journey in loving yourself is to say no. 

No, I don’t want to go, no I don’t want this for myself, no I deserve more. Reciprocity is key. When someone asks you to do something you have to think to yourself if you get something back in return, not in the way that you cannot do something willingly for someone you love… What I mean is, do you actually want to do it? Does that person show you they appreciate you? Or do you feel obligated to do it because you want the other person to like you? 

Loving yourself is accepting the way you are. Your personality, dislikes, likes, preferences and basically any factor that makes you. Why would you need to change yourself to fit into anyone else’s standards? Eventually, you will find people who will love you the way you are. You just have to give it time. 

Another big step in loving yourself I personally struggle with sometimes is accepting your body the way it is. It actually helps to know other people struggle with this issue. I always thought it wouldn’t be helpful to know because you might start to compare yourself, which could still happen, however, for the most part, it gives you a sense of reassurance that you are not the only one. It demonstrates that other people your age go through the same issues and have similar feelings. 

Why do we treat our bodies with so much hate? Our bodies keep us alive, they allow us to walk, talk, eat, think and most importantly live. They deserve all the love they can get. 

I thought about this issue in a different way; picture yourself as a small child who has parents that constantly tell the child they are not enough,they areugly in comparison to other children, and they do not make enough effort to succeed. What do you think that child will think of theirself? Will they thrive under these circumstances? That is why we should treat our body and mind as a child that deserves and needs love to grow. 

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