Who is Elizabeth Bennet and why do I strongly relate to her?

Having a strong will, fierce character and always remaining true to yourself is a remarkable quality that not too many people have, and if they do, it is a hard one to maintain. Especially if we are talking about a woman in the 19th century. In that era, the Georgian Era to be precise; women were expected to be a certain way, given that society was male-dominated. Before marriage, girls were under the control of their father and after marriage, this control was passed on to the husband. Their whole life revolved around marriage, forming a family and being at the mercy of men. In the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Austen introduces Elizabeth Bennet, ‘Lizzy’, a young woman that is dealing with the stereotypes of the time, while remaining a foremost figure of defiance and pride. 

In the beginning, I really didn’t know why I felt so related to this character, especially due to the fact that it was set in a very different time from now.  However, as I read more into her and her character, the connection only felt stronger.  Elizabeth Bennet is confident and true to herself; she doesn’t let others bring her down. I truly relate to this because I am a person that if I believe in something or someone, I won’t let others tell me otherwise nor bring me down. I have  perseverance on what I’m passionate about, just like Elizabeth. For instance, she refuses to let men intimidate her and calls them out on their disrespectful behaviour, no matter their age, status or power. This shows her strong and fierce character; how she is not afraid to talk and speak her mind.  

Furthermore, it can be clearly seen that she is exceedingly loyal to all of her sisters, including the annoying one. Being in an all girls school and all girls house, I know that feeling of loyalty and sisterhood with my friends and sisters. Lizzy uses her intelligence and wit to challenge others and she doesn’t conform to people’s low expectations of her. She would rather sacrifice her whole family’s financial security, rather than be forced into a loveless marriage with a man who is unworthy of her. This is truly personified independence, selflove and staying true to oneself. Lizzyknew her whole family’s financial security was at stake and she still chose to know her worth. 

Moreover, Elizabeth doesn’t judge a man’s value based his appearance; she judges a man based on his morals. Personally, I find this trait extremely relatable, because I apply it, not only to men, but to people in general. Someone should never be judged based on their attractiveness, appearance or possessions, but on who they truly are on the inside, not who they falsely portray themselves to be. Nonetheless, I believe that what personifies and impacts readers and watchers about Elizabeth Bennet is her pride. She is a proud person and does not like to be treated as inferior. She demands the same respect as any man. 

However, for me, her most important trait is her capability ofrecognizing her faults and right her mistakes rather than stayg in denial. I strongly relate to this, because for me, being able to not only recognize one’s mistakes but also owning them and makingthem right, is one of the most important values a person could have. As humans wemake hundreds and thousands of mistakes, and we often hide them from people because of shame and concern that they will think less of us. n reality, it is the opposite. Acknowledging your mistakes, apologising for them and intending to make then right not only wins the respect of others, but it also allows us to take responsibility for our lives. 

In conclusion, after seeing deeply who Elizabeth Bennet is as a person, and not only as a character from a book or in a movie, I strongly relate to this young woman. I relate to her character traits and way of being. She personifies me with confidence, independence, self-love, self-worth, the act of maintaining true to oneself, true value, and pride. Those are all traits that from me, some mayshow more than others, some may need more work, but they are all there and at the end I can say that I’m proud to relate to this character, this astonishing young female role model. 

  • Miranda Valdez

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