Ukraine: How can we help? How is the world uniting to help Ukraine and what can normal civilians do?

The war going on between Russia and Ukraine has definitely been a rough start to 2022. We, as normal civilians, must feel helpless as there is nothing we can do to actually stop the war from going on. However, if we unite and work together, our small impacts can sum up and make a huge impact. It may not prevent or end the war, but it can offer support towards both Ukrainian and Russian civilians. 

I read a couple of articles about how we can contribute and help the civilians affected by the war. Below is a summary where I list some of the most effective ways of helping: 


  1. Aid NGO’s asking for assistance: Donations can be made through the links to their websites or social media pages. Below I am mentioning the 5 most reliable NGOs (and their websites) that are actively asking for help and donations: 
  1. Educate yourself – If you have never heard about the issues going on between Russia and Ukraine, you probably should research the matter. It would make you more conscious about the causes of the war and its main triggers. There has been an ongoing conflict between both of these countries for a very long time and most people are not even aware of this, which is why many have reacted with shock and disbelief to the recent events.. 
  1. Stay informed / stay up-to-date! – One of the best ways to help the most vulnerable in Ukraine is by staying on top of what is happening on the ground, and learning more about how citizens are being affected by the conflict. 

USEFUL INFO PROVIDER:  If you want to fact-check news and information you’re seeing about Ukraine, #UkraineFacts is a great resource.

Being optimistic during tough times is key. We should focus on the present,and what is under our control, rather than what we have no power over. Below I am listing the sources from which I got the ideas, in case I did not mention one or in case anyone is interested in reading more about this issue. 

Micaela Corzo

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