My Top 10 favorite books

I´ve always been interested in reading. I remember being five and having a book in my hands. 

I consider myself the book queen to be honest, therefore, I´m here to recommend to you my top ten favorite books of all time. 

Just remember that reading is not a race. Just because someone reads 80 books a year doesn’t mean that the 3 books you read don´t count. You´re just as valid as the person who read 100 books. Reading is something beautiful that everyone could enjoy, so don’t push yourself. If you don’t like a book, leave it and pick another one. 

So.. without further ado…. LETS GO. 

In 10th place we have….

“Someone we know” by Shari Lapena. 

This is a thriller, so if you like those, this is your book. 

“This is a very difficult letter to write. I hope you will not hate us too much… My son broke into your home recently while you were out.”

It tells the story of a normal teenager who, for some reason, likes to snoop into people’s houses (i know, weird) and when his parents found out… you can imagine what happened. However, we have the parallel story of the neighbors, well, the neighbor, since one of them is missing. Let me explain. So this guy had a wife, and this wife went missing. No one knows where she is, she totally disappeared and it seems like everyone is holding a secret. 

Now, could you find out who did it before the plot tells you? No, you can’t because it’s too bizarre that you will not see it coming. The reason I love this book so much is because before this book came into my life, I was in a terrible book slump (by this I mean I wasn’t liking any book I read before this one). And when I got this book for christmas I was so invested in it I didn’t sleep in order to finish it. 

The memories it brings… yeah I´m not crying, it’s just something in my eye. 

In 9th place…

“The Atlas six” by Olivie Blake. 

Now, this book seems to not appeal that much to many, and I understand why. It´s a dense fantasy book that could bore you if you don’t like the genre as much. But I will defend this book until the day I die. 

It tells the story of six young people who have magical abilities. They are initiated into the Alexandrian Society, a high ranking secretive body that contains all mystical knowledge there is. Each person has a different ability. My favorite has to be Parisa, a girl who is a telepath. 

Over the course of one year, they study in the Society’s mansion headquarters, learning more about magic and each other, all while knowing that at the end, they must choose to eliminate one of their number. 

Yeah… sounds good right? It’s because it is. 

8th place…

“The turn of the key” by Ruth Ware.


This one is another thriller which is much more complex than the one in tenth place which is why I like it a little bit more. 

Everything begins with the main character, Rowan Caine, narrating her story from jail. She is awaiting trial for murder. The thing is, we don’t know who she murdered or why she did it. 

The story follows Rowan getting a job as a nanny. This job is something she can’t refuse as the parents are willing to give a lot of money just for her to look after their children. She arrives at their house, a huge mansion in the highlands. What she doesn’t know is that her worse nightmare in which she would wake up in jail, knowing she hasn’t murder anyone. Or has she? 

It’s an amazing psychological thriller that is going to keep you shaking. This book introduced me to thrillers, which is why it will always be in my heart. 

In 7th place we have…

“La fiesta del chivo” by Mario Vargas Llosa. 

I know… a classic. BUT IT’S A GOOD ONE HEAR ME OUT. 

The story is quite simple to explain. It tells us the life of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo who had absolute power in the Republica Dominicana until 1961 when he died. It tells the story through three different stories which all end up tangled into one. 

We have the story of Urania, who went back to visit her father. The second narration tells us about the last days of the dictator Rafael Trujillo and lastly, the third narration tells us about the people who planned Trujillo’s death. What makes these people interesting, is that while some were outsiders, some were in the inner circle of Trujillo, which is interesting to see. 

This is a historical fiction, therefore we know that Rafael Trujillo was a real character who was indeed assassinated. 

I read this book because my dad is a huge fan of Vargas Llosa. And now look at me… being what I said I would never be, a Vargas Llosa stan. 


This book truly gives you the whole picture while also entertaining you to the fullest. It’s a book that makes you think like no other, and I love books that make me think, since I normally don’t think at all. 

In 6th place…

“The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka.


I also read this book in the spanish language just like the last one, so the title I read is “La Metamorfosis”, however, the original title is “Die Verwandlung” since it was written in German. 

This story tells us about Gregorio, a normal human living with his parents and his sister. One day, he turned into a bug, a very nasty bug. Because of this, his family reacts horribly and treats Gregorio like a true bug. They lock him in his room and he can’t leave unless no one is watching. While he was not a bug, he helped his family financially as he was the only one who actually cared, but now that he can’t go to work, his family is suffering financially. Throughout the book, we see Gregorio suffering because of his horrible family, and at the end, he dies. 

Honestly, he wasn’t the bug, his family were the bugs to me. They never tried to help him, and left him to rot in his own room. On one occasion, his father threw an apple at him, which could be a metaphor for how his words got stuck into Gregorio as the apple also got stuck. 

This happens a lot, and we see his family degrading him up until he dies. 

I love this book, it makes you think a lot as well. There are a lot of hidden meanings, like a puzzle which makes the book much more interesting. 

5th place…

“Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo. 

This book is a fantasy book, so we´re back to the fantasy section 🙂

It’s basically a heist book.

6 people try to steal a sort of drug from an impregnable place. That’s really it. 

The plot of the book is simple, but so good. The characters are what really sold me though. There is Kaz Brekker, the leader of the “gang” per say, Inej, the one that is like a shadow, she can climb anything. Then there’s Jesper, my favorite, he’s the guns guy. Wylan is the one who just goes because he has to. And finally, Nina and Matthias are… interesting people. 

I learned that morally gray characters are the best sort of characters ever because of this book. I knew Kaz killed people, I knew that, but I still liked him for some reason. And that, my friends, is called the power of writing. 

In 4th place…

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” By Taylor Jenkins-Reid. 

This book is so popular that I bet you have also read it. But just in case you haven’t I’ll tell you what it’s about. 

Evelyn Hugo is a superstar. She was in the big hits of Hollywood and is a movie legend. Now, she is old, and Monique, a random journalist, gives her the chance to tell her full story. The story of her life. How and why did she have seven husbands? What secrets does a movie star keep? 

This was a life changing book for me. I learned so many things. I learned that I’m valid, I learned that it’s okay to not be okay as well as how people keep secrets. You truly don’t know your favorite actor or actress, you don’t at all. 

It’s insane how good this book is. 

Now… onto the podium!!!



How do I even begin with this! 

Everything about this book was amazing. Everything. V.E Schwab never disappoints. 

We follow Kell and Lila through a journey in a world that is split in four. There is gray London, red London, white London and black london. Gray London is like the London in the UK right now, nothing out of the ordinary. Red London has magic (yey) and white London is a hell hole… literally. Black London is shut down, no one can get in, however, Kell gets a rock, a rock that is from Black London. Because this is so dangerous, he has to get it back to Black London. But, it’s not so simple. To get back to Black London, you have to go through Gray London, Red London and White London in order for the portals to get you there. The problem? Someone else wants the rock, and he will hunt Kell and Lila (a girl who accompanies Kell in this because she found the rock and refuses to let an adventure pass) down in order to get the rock. 

Insane. That’s the only word. Insane. 



I considered putting this one in first place but no, it’s second. 

I read this one recently and, wow, amazing. 

It’s very easy to understand the plot. A man wakes up and doesn’t know where he is. He figures out he is in space and that the whole human race is in his hands. We are basically becoming extinct here if this dude doesn’t figure out what’s wrong. What happened with earth is that for some reason, Earth is losing sunlight. You might think this is good since we have global warming and everything, however, if we lose way too much sunlight, everything dies. This guy is sent on a mission to discover what’s going on and why we are losing solar energy. 

(Don’t worry, he is not sent to the sun.)

This is a sci-fi book like you can see, which I love. I know many people don’t particularly like sci-fi, however, this one is so simple to understand that I almost felt intelligent. I learned what moles were without even realizing it, something I never understood before (sorry chem teachers), and things like mass and weird physics stuff that no one understands, this book makes you understand them. That might not be a good selling point but I promise it’s fun. 

Now, the moment everyone is waiting for… drum rolls please. 

My favorite book…. Is….


No, I’m kidding. 

DUNE: MESSIAH (yassss)

Ranking books is tough, especially your favorites. But this one is my ultimate favorite.

There is really no way of explaining this book since it’s the second one of a very extensive sci-fi novel. 

I’ll try to explain the first one of Dune, but my favorite is the second. 

Paul Atreides was born into a destiny he didn’t know about. Because of this, he must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure his family’s safety as well as his people’s while malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence. 

This is the best explanation I can give you, but please try to read it, it’s great. 

If you managed to read all of this, congratulations. 

If you want to read any book but don’t know where to get it you can contact me via my email: in order for me to give you the information. 

That’s it people, have a good day 🙂

By: Josefina Martínez, Form V

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