Team Maddy or Team Cassie? 

I guess we’ve all heard about this rivalry between these two characters from the famous show called euphoria. This show follows the life of teenage kids navigating their lives through high school with millions of different problems, stories and relationships. Within these relationships, there was Maddie and Cassie. They used to be best friends but it all changed in season 2, chapter 1 when cassie went behind Maddie’s back to get together with Nate Jacobs, Maddy’s ex-boyfriend.

In Cassie’s defence, they were broken up for 3 weeks and 3 days. 

We can see that Cassie’s mental state was in a very bad place due to past traumas in her life. She is an insecure person that depends on male validation. This is because Cassie comes from a very abusive family. Her father walked out, leaving their family due to his drug addiction problem, leaving his daughters with their mother, who struggles with an addiction to alcohol. Cassie was very close to his dad which is what leaves her with serious daddy issues, leading her to fall in love with virtually every boy that notices her. In this case, the boy she glanced at was Nate. Cassie didn’t think through what she was doing to her best friend. She meant no harm.

Maddy, on the other hand, has every right to feel betrayed by her best friend. Cassie was well aware of Maddy’s previous toxic relationship with Nate, but she pretended not to care. Cassie had Maddy’s trust, and she had betrayed it. She did not only let Maddy down, but she also went behind her back. Cassie began dating Nate weeks after Rue (Maddy’s friend and the principal character of Euphoria) exposed Cassie. Maddy confronted Cassie when she was exposed, and she tried to deny it, demonstrating that she had no intention of telling Maddy the truth. What I feel affected Maddy the most was that Nate had been abusive to her and Cassie, even though she knew about it she continued to get with him. 

So… Are you on Cassie’s or Maddie’s side?

I believe you can be both Cassie and Maddy if you put yourself in their shoes, but I’m on team Maddy. Despite Cassie’s numerous problems, betraying Maddy in that way is unacceptable. I’m not sure what lies in season 3, but I definitely think their friendship will not survive. This is disappointing because they were a great duo in season 1. Moreso, what Cassie did was awful, and I don’t imagine Maddy will forgive her.

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