A lot of people are not aware that their mind has incredible power. 

Every single thought that goes through your mind affects you. 

Your mind controls your body and your whole life.  It is possible to do anything you want to do if you believe it.

When you are surrounded by a good environment, have good friends, and enjoy what you do on your day to day, you will have positive thoughts which attract good moments in your life. 

However, it can also work the other way around. If you don’t like the people that surround you, the sport you play or your career, those negative aspects of your life make it dreadful, dark and depressing. 


This is all because of The Law Of Attraction.

The law of attraction consists of attracting what you are thinking. Positive thinking attracts desirable experiences, while negative thinking attracts unwanted experiences.

Removing the bad things from your life and replacing them with things that make you happy, creates positive energy around you that improves your mood and attitude, therefore improving your life. 

If you do that, great opportunities and people will be presented to you, to the point where you can even be confused why so many good things are happening.

Have you ever wondered, why is all of a sudden my life becoming so good?  The answer is, it is not all of a sudden, it is you who attracted it with your own mind.

Even though you can simply attract things in your life by changing the way you think, here it is broken down into steps to make it more efficient and accurate:

  1. Decide what you want

You have to think and decide what you really want to change. It has to be something you do for your own good, not a thing that negatively affects someone else.

  1. Focus on positive self talk and believe

By talking with encouraging and optimistic words, your mind will believe what you are saying so it will eventually become true.

  1. Learn how to identify negative thinking and change that

Negative thinking affects the law of attraction and you could accidentally manifest the opposite of what you want. Don’t let a negative thought control you and eliminate it from your mind. 

  1. Action 

Belief is not enough on its own. You need to work hard towards your goals as well. It is important to take action with positive thinking and trust because success involves both the right state of mind and efficiency.

  1. Trust the process

Don’t stress yourself because it won’t work overnight. Keep maintaining a positive picture of your life and it will become true with time. Some things may be attracted faster than others, but you can get anything you want if you really put your mind and work to it.

“The mind is a powerful force. It can make the worst of the best and the best of the worst.”- unknown

By: Carolina de Losada

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