A letter to Hestia

I’m deeply sorry Hestia

You enlightened me on how to value and protect my hearth

You demonstrated to my virgin mind, body and spirit how to stay pure

You taught me how to make my home a place of hospitality and safety

You instructed me to be gentle, forgiving and dignified

You made me a woman

You insisted that I stayed away from scandal

Always standing stable and serene

You forced me to exhibit a lie- because what’s true doesn’t always sell.

“Welcome to womanhood,” you said as I cried.

Crying from the panic I felt the first time a crimson tide rushed down my thigh

I found it cruel that my life starts and ends with blood

But you raised me to lock away the key to my fear, fire and soul.

However, I betrayed myself

My mind has been poisoned

The embodiment of prominence I obliterated

Breaking free from the chains of your perfection.

A mind of my own, I began to grasp:

Because of this, you left me alone 

Forced me to take “build your own legs lessons”

But at least I have the key to my soul now, right?

For millennia I examined grains of dirt 

Wondering and searching without knowing what I was searching for

Bitter, lost and misdirected due to you.

You- handling my life like a puppet for the sole amusement.

In the midst of the mist, you left me in,

A revelation gleamed inside of me

Finally, I found the heavens in me

Now I may rest.

So, I thank you, Hestia.

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