The Truth Behind Being a Twin

Okay so for starters, no, being a twin does not feel different and no we don’t have twin telepathy. When people find out I have a twin the most frequently asked question is “how does it feel?” and to be honest, I never know how to respond. For me, it’s like a built-in friend for life who is kinda obligated to love you and at the same time hate you, but that’s how it works for every type of sibling, right? 

There are identical twins and fraternal twins, and fraternal twins can be of the same or opposite sex. I, for example, am a fraternal twin to my brother, which means we are twins of the opposite sex, and yes we do look alike but it’s barely noticeable we shared a womb. We both have different but similar faces, our noses look alike and our eyes and eye shape as well, our hair is similar in colour but I have curly/wavy hair and his is pin straight. There’s no way to describe it other than we basically look like every other pair of siblings in the world. 

When I try to answer that previous question, I genuinely do not know how to answer because for me its always been like this, I don’t know another life where my birthday doesn’t include two cakes, one for me and one for my brother; where my birthday morning there aren’t double the present with my brother and mines written on them; where I don’t have my brother to grow together and experience the same things with. I love my brother, but just like every other brother and sister in this world, we fight a lot. We argue over very stupid things and sometimes I want to kill him (not literally but you understand), but sometimes I just want to hangout with him and  appreciate that I have him to share my life with.

It may seem way too cringey but being a twin is pretty awesome and pretty normal at the same time. And I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but twins really are just siblings who by some sort of luck got to share a birthday. I’m very thankful for him but remember, sometimes I too want to duct tape his mouth shut and throw him out the window.

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