Health Care Should NOT be a Target

Ukraine and Russia are still at war, though the causes have not been clear yet, many speculate that Russia’s invasion is economically motivated, due to Ukraine having lots of oil reserves. The Russo-Ukrainian War is no longer a Europe-Asia problem. It never was. As countries are forming alliances supporting either country, many politicians are claiming that the Third World War is near. 

The truth, they say, is the first casualty of war. Russia has banned the only news channel and radio station in the country. Now, Russia does not even care about human lives, and the newest update on the war is much more devastating than the ones before:  Russia has bombed a children’s and maternity hospital this week- Mariupol hospital – taking away children’s and mothers’ lives. They have not yet begun living and will never be able to have a life anymore, as the war took this away forever This conflict has taken a turn; it has begun taking innocent lives, children, mothers, animals, fathers and grandparents who were just trying to live in peace. However, the United Nations has only begun to take action following the bombing, but where were they before the war began, when the conflict and the threat of Russia were very much clear?

Health care should NOT be a target, the lives of innocent people should NOT be a target, and war should NOT be the answer. 



The Guardian

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