Why are clothing trends dying so fast?

Every year new clothes are produced and new trends are injected into the world. But have you ever wondered why those jeans that you bought a year ago are no longer trending? 

Well, according to the internet, there are two main reasons. The first one being, the quicker an item becomes popular the shorter the duration of its time period being popular. The average duration of a clothing trend is about a year. During this year, people will buy it in abusive quantities and use it excessively. So much, that there will be a point in which it will become overused and people will get tired of it, leading to other trends being born because of wanting to be original. 

This leads us to the second reason: people change and so does the fashion industry. Each year, new fabrics and clothing tailored are introduced to the market as a response to the demand of customers who are willing to purchase the fashion. But the biggest influences are celebrities, who get a lot of sponsor packages with clothing gifts. If a celebrity has something they like and publicizes it, people will purchase it, but if they give out a bad rating or review of a certain clothing brand it will most definitely affect the brand’s popularity. 

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