The story of Alex Lewis

About 7 years ago a 37-year-old man named Alex Lewis was at home with his wife and son when suddenly he got a cold. At first he thought it was just a flu – but no… what he had caught was a life threatening illness that had poisoned his blood and had led multiple organs to failure.

Alex’s survival was considered a miracle! He even experienced a time when he only had 3% chance of staying alive. However, his life came at a big price: his arms and legs were removed, and half of his face was eaten by bacteria. He uses a prosthetic in his left arm so that he can be independent in some things such as opening the door of his house. It also gives him the ability to ask for help in case he needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Alex and his family before

Alex’s mouth had turned to the size of a coin so he underwent plastic surgery for his face to go back to normal. He is now happy with the result. A moment of fear, he recalls, is the time he feared losing connection with his son, as he was a little scared to go near his dad. But, as time passed they became stronger as a family. 

Alex maintains himself strong despite this hard experience. Alex is now living with his wife and son. I think it was a huge miracle that he survived, thanks to the love of everyone he knew. This truly is an inspiring story; we should all learn about Alex. 


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