Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory


If you were asked right now what your zodiac sign is, would you be able to answer? Would you know your family’s or your friends’ zodiac signs? The answer is probably yes and this is due to the fascination of the Western world towards the zodiac signs and their stereotypes. However, in Japan, blood types are used as references for personality types. 

Blood Type A Significance:

People who have this blood type are generally described with words like well-organized, neat, stubborn and easily stressed, but they are also known for appreciating harmony, especially when working collaboratively.

Blood Type O Significance:

Those who have an O blood type tend to be positive people, with outgoing qualities and leadership abilities that display their resilience and flexibility. They may not always pay attention to the little things but they are known for being able to adapt and conquering their environment.

Blood Type B Significance:

The ones who find themselves with a B blood type are ordinarily thought of as selfish, but the amount of creativity they possess allows them to express their negativity. Despite this general perception of them, they are incredibly unconventional and have a wonderful sense of pragmatism. 

Blood Type AB Significance:

People who have an AB blood type, considered a hybrid of the blood types A and B, are generally regarded as complicated, eccentric people with a twofold personality. They are known for being customarily composed although somewhat impatient at times.

The Cultural Movement of Blood Type Personality Theory:

The theory is so large in Japan that you can find books recommending specific meal plans you should stick to depending on your classification. You can even find books that evaluate common blood types across different groups throughout history. 

The romantic traits linked to the Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory, are now used in many movies and shows, which form stories around its characters’ blood types.

Burahara: The Problem with the Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory

Because of the somewhat negative descriptions these blood types have, burahara has occurred. Burahara is the term for blood harassment. Despite all blood types possessing positive and unfavourable qualities, some types, such as B, have negative descriptions far stronger than what’s optimal. It has come to the point where Japan has had to implement anti-blood type bullying movements.


Despite there being an obscure side to this theory, you can still enjoy yourself with this aspect of Japanese culture, and if you ever visit Japan, you might want to dig deeper into discussions concerning this.

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