A Sky Full of Stars

I came back,

To the memories.

The entry locked, but I didn’t mind.

Oh, to see you again in the faint

Memories that rest in my lips. 

Third floor,

Our refugee,

From all the bad.

The second day I met you,

Accidental, unpredicted, unseen.

Talking about life,

Music, interviewing each other’s smile.

Going for a walk,

To collect experiences that never in the past.

Your fingerprints still lie

In the skin you explored;

Tried to wash them with chemicals

But emotions get tattooed in permanent ink. 

Two months later,

I wrote you a poem to understand

The feeling that overwhelmed my frontiers.

My space of mind,

Occupied by the intensity of love, lust, fear.

Never had I felt so anxious to control,

The world’s actions towards you.

I feared for your life,

From twelve to twelve.

I thought love was perhaps, 

That intense.

I knew someday I’d surrender,

Because the strength to hold us both,

Only God…

Now that we said, bye,

I can’t avoid looking at the sky,

Damp, tinted, dark blue,

Remember how I called you on Valentine’s

And asked you to watch the sky

Full of stars.

Now, my gaze drifts to find only one.

Tears birth to the words:

“I don’t care if you tear me apart.”

Because I only see you in the night’s sky.

You are the only star.

So, will I sacrifice or wait for the clouds

To drift away and let me see,

A sky full of stars?

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