The Sound of Silence: Staying quiet when you feel like shouting

Silence. What sound does silence make? As ironic as it seems, sometimes silence can create the loudest sounds. While these might not follow the classic five senses’ pattern, it ventures on the vessel that is our brain. The power it holds forbids us from turning away from it, and instead, incites us to listen to the deep echoing it chants. It compels us to welcome the unexplainable turmoil of emotions and thoughts that profoundly lay in its penetrating core, their deafening essence dragging behind our frames like crawling shadows endlessly lurking around every corner. 

Silence is beautiful, yet haunting. It is meaningful, yet empty. It is distinctive, yet mainstream. The sea of qualities it encompasses lure us in, submerging us beneath its addictive grip. Tight as a rope, our thoughts sink until they are only surrounded by somber darkness, locked away in an underwater world. And suddenly, we realize that the thundering in our heads will always be kept hidden. That, as much as we want to let it swim up to the surface, it will never have the courage to defy its opponent. We have been completely immersed by the sound of silence.  

It keeps growing. As time passes, the urge to scream out gets engulfed by the overwhelming loudness of silence. It deafens our minds, reminding us that we are prisoners to our own selves. Where is Sound? Our old friend, vanishing within an empty soul. Her remains trying to shed light amongst an extinguished fire. Why bother, if the ashes are already scattered throughout, lost now to the frail flame struggling to be noticed. It is too late.

All we have now is the memories of a past life; vivacious and passionate. So far away, yet close enough to savor a last taste. Why did we choose to stay quiet? Maybe because we feared Truth. 

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