Morning Walks

The cold morning air greets,

whilst the wafting perfume of flowers

salutes the senses in welcoming devotion.

Birds’ melodic songs, with the background of 

a deep cerulean sky, heavenly suspended.

The sun’s shimmering rays give

the lonely town, 

a surreal guise.

Empty streets, faded chatter,

a heartwarming solace.

The rebellion of being alone

in the leisure stroll 

facing the morning star.

The confident trudge

of an explorer in an uninhabited realm.

Morning walks, sweet routines,

worries dissolving away under the

glances of the watchful trees.

Angsts vanquishing under the

expensive scan of the majestic buildings.

A light dance of ethereal clouds ahead, and 

the grounding thick grass beneath.


peace of mind retrieved.

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