Angel Numbers

This is an article based on the investigation of Megan Michaela Firester 

Have you ever noticed yourself stumbling in a pattern sequence of numbers like: 111, 555, 999…? Let’s say you have to go somewhere, you check your phone and it’s 2:22, or you want to watch a movie that lasts 2 minutes with 22 seconds, or even when you pay for a candy the cost is S/.2.22. If you’ve ever noticed such a pattern it may just be a coincidence wherass it may as well be the angels. As well as repetitive numbers it may be important dates, lucky numbers, important digits or just numbers in general that will catch people’s attention.

In numerology this type of numbers are referred to as angel numbers: “Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, which basically means that we will see something over and over again so much so that it goes beyond more coincidence, One of these ways is through numbers.” – Megan Michaela Firester.

Depending on which angel number you stumble upon has a meaning beyond that just the number itself. Every number has a certain vibrational energy that communicates different things. Seeing these numbers frequently is like a thumbs up to continue going through the path you are taking “Seeing a repeating number is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard. They are trying to get your attention, and the numbers they send have meanings. Think of it like a little marker saying that you are on the right direction in life, like a highway sign.” -Megan Michaela Firester.

As said before, each number has a meaning beyond the number itself. 


This is the number for manifestation. If you see this sequence, focus really hard on your thoughts because it’s like the universe is taking a screenshot of your thoughts. This is the reason why when it’s 11:11 in the clock it is said to make a wish. “Whatever is going on—all your thoughts, visualizations, goals, and dreams— they are going to be replicated.” – Megan Michaela Firester.


Two is said to be the number when your angel is trying to remind you to enjoy life, be present and to trust that you are on the right road in life.


With this sequence, angels are telling you to bring balance into your life. If you are not feeling comfortable with certain things at the moment, rethink your decisions and wonder with what and who you are surrounding yourself with.


If you are asking your spiritual guardian for guidance because you are passing through a tough moment, this number insinuates that they have heard you and they support you


Means that your life will change for the better:  “Change can be seen as a negative thing, but with the right mind-set and the right alignment to your goals, it’s actually your angel’s way of readjusting your life to fit with what you want to happen,” Michaela says. “Life will look different when you get what you want.”


Number six it’s like a wake up call to wonder what you need to do differently. It’s like your angel telling you to be more realistic.


This sequence is the universe telling you to relax and let go. Don’t be so tense all the time and stop worrying about every detail in life.


“The number eight is about infinity, or the endless loop of energy,” Michaela says. “Seeing it means that you are effortlessly going with the natural flow and rhythm of what your angels have in store for you.” In other words, it’s like a reminder to be grateful for how far you’ve come.


You may start to spot the number nine when you have been working on a project and it’s time for an end. What this number is basically saying is that you should open your eyes for new challenges and visualize new goals.

This is the meaning of the numbers according to Megan Michaela Firester. You may choose to believe in her or not, that is your choice, but the next time you look at your surroundings and you see a pattern that has been repeating, ask yourself, Is this just a coincidence? Or are the angels trying to tell me something.

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