Start to care: the American infiltration in our lives hits hard.

When I was little I had the ‘American’ complex. My mind had always been close minded about the United States for no good reason at all! I had grown with  the mentality of thinking that it is necessary to know what happens in our country, and implicit in that reminder, for me, was the unquestioned rejection towards  the ‘American’ culture – for a long period of time. ‘Know your country first’ they said. I already feel confident about my knowledge of my country, is this enough? Am I ready to proceed with the United States? The claim made no sense because to know about my country I needed to know about its relationships with the neighbouring ones. Fellowship between humans is just as important as fellowship between countries, and it is just as important as fellowship between humans and countries. The American complex deprived me of the ‘caring’ factor in my relationship with the US.  

The exposure to the US reality in Peru is inevitable. Social media alone is a dark underground tunnel for its misfortune. The users do not realize social media can blind them once facing the light of  the outside when emerging back to the surface . With a blinded sight, comments are not only prone to biases, they are also more probable to be bursting with hate. I am a true believer that  the use of violence of any kind  is never the way to express an opinion. From the basis of love from religious beliefs, to the proof that wars have only caused destruction, it is safe to say that hate does not validate one’s own beliefs as effectively as it can oppress those of the fellow. 

In one of my scrolls down my instagram feed today, I read the comment of a young (not very popular) non-American actress: “we need to care about each other!” That is why she was using her account in total liberty to propagate her political beliefs (sided to Biden) even though she was not going to vote.  

Later, I heard in Joe Biden’s address to the American public in Delaware that he will work as hard as the people who did not vote for him as he would for those who supported him during the election season. He wants to unify people, therefore showing his affection towards a population surpassing his 75 million votes is the start. By being aware that this may be seldomly a tactic to gain popularity and may not be his main engine of popularity, we can agree that he has gained skills at public speaking, which after all is just speaking. 

Going back to social media,  I think it is necessary to care about each other and avoid being the abusers. By actively acting as an abuser and as an oppressor and suppressor of human feelings, it is not possible to have a sane open political debate. The need of manifesting one’s own political view is perceived as a race to convince the rest of the population that one holds the definite truth. That practice is deceased. It has become a race that imprisons ‘political oppositors’, therefore failing to be sympathetic even though it is no secret that it is impossible to agree on the ideas debated in between. Is it possible to separate human and political sentiment? Or are they inextricably linked together to the point where a human is not able to see love, through his emotional cognition, beyond the ‘unacceptable’ qualities of a person? Is that an excuse for breaking a cycle of care? I see that as an evasion of respect. An image of love is sold simultaneously to its vandalization.

We are constantly thinking of the future as certain, while the future has not come with all its fulfilled promises. Embrace your lack of knowledge of the future and do not believe in the copy-paste of presidential promises; the future will unfold gradually. Learn to listen, learn to love, and learn to care while you can. Believe in peace. Act with peace and do not be ‘passive aggressive’ because that adjective is automatically corrected to ‘aggressive’. Never pretend to care for others, if you truly care you will treat them with respect indiscriminately. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have recovered from the ‘American’ Complex, it could have spared me the dizzy feeling of orbiting around the world’s superpower.

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