Enter passcode.

I am home. 

Open up.

Let me explore. 

Infinite posts,

They pass by,

Indifferent to my eyes,

But I ache when I see,

People lying in Greece.

Home button.

I am home.

The phone rings,

New texts, 

More words,

To feel pleased,

It is love that these words evoke.

A text from him,

Do I want to ignore

Or is my self esteem at need?

To find comfort,

At least in emoticons,

It’s not his fault.


I am strong. 

Back to home.

It’s time.

Shut down. 


Our phones have in a sense, transformed into our new homes. We have built routines, our behavior adapted to fit that of the glitching screen and fluorescent notifications. This poem reflects the mechanical and automatic nature of our interactions with the digital world. I think we should reflect upon the role that technology has in our mundane lives and be shocked with the results either in a positive or negative way. Do our new homes succeed in giving us a meaningful human experience?

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