Euphoria: a review

The HBO series, Euphoria, came out in mid 2019 and is now renewed for a second season. Without doubt this series has become a worldwide success… but why?

Euphoria was created by Sam Levinson and is based on the Israeli series also called Euphoria. The show has captured a huge audience as it follows a group of high school students rigorously explaining their personal life and experiences based on things like: drugs, trauma, sex, love and identity. Starring the claimed actress, Zendaya, portraying a drug-addicted teen, it explores the lives of her classmates. The show was so greatly acclaimed because it is not a cliché high school based drama, as it rather goes in depth in topics usually excluded from modern shows. Euphoria has also experienced extreme controversy as it includes a lot of sexual content and nudity. Nonetheless, the show has still received awards and nominations which include five Emmys this year. 

Euphoria not only provides its audience with incredible cinematography, breathtaking makeup and an amazing soundtrack, but with education of real and raw life experiences. It touches on serious topics like drug addiction, sexuality, teen pregnancy, toxic relationships and violence in a non-glamourized way, attracting viewers who can relate to them. Drug addiction is prominent as the protagonist, Rue, is a drug addicted teen at seventeen; she also suffers from  OCD and bipolar disorder. She struggles to regain control of herself when drug intake becomes a recurring reality in her life. We see her in extreme states like hospitalization and a near-fatal overdose providing the audience with a real perception of this issue. Characters also seek to encounter their sexualities. Nate and his father Cal represent the fear of queer repression as they are found sexually confused. The character of  Jules also brings the LGBTQ+ community to the show as she is a transgender girl who becomes of interest to Rue. Furthermore, the series raises awareness of sexual diversity through Jules’s pre transition and childhood trauma. Nate acts as a representation of toxic masculinity as he is seen as very violent, a bully and even dangerous. This is seen in his on and off relationship with Maddy on the show. These are not even half about all the topics talked about on the show in a very real and very raw way. 

The show has an amazing and very diverse cast including Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, Alexa Demie, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow, Algee Smith and Jacob Elordi. Euphoria has included the LGBTQ+ community with Hunter Schafer being on screen for the first time. Portraying Jules, a transgender girl, Hunter is also a transgender girl herself! Hunter has proven to have helped trans teens’ identity be recognized as she is introduced as the new girl, Jules rather than the trans girl, Jules. Following, Barbie Ferreira, a plus-size actress and model who portrays Kat, has been the portrayal of many young teens’ reality when having problems with body image and self-acceptance. Zendaya is a biracial black girl who constantly uses her platform to speak up against the lack of diversity on screen. You may also know Algee Smith from The Hate U Give or Maude Apatow from Knocked Up.

I personally really loved the show. It’s without doubt that you’ll get attached to some of the characters as each episode explores a specific character in depth. It’s so refreshing to see such a diverse cast give insight about all of these topics which we normally do not witness on shows. The non-sugar coated way the show has been done really conveys these serious topics in the best way possible. Not to mention, the insane lightning and colors on the show which are so visually pleasing. These are meant to deliver emotions in the most mesmerizing way. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did, it’s truly amazing. 

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