My Experience During Quarantine

It’s been a rough couple of months, and although everyone’s experience and thoughts have been different, I’m here to share my opinion about this quarantine. March 15th, it all began then. I remember it as if it was a long time ago, I can’t say it feels like yesterday because it feels like an eternity ago, but it’s for our health, so what else can we do? When quarantine was announced it felt like a rush: no more school, holidays forever, no going out, staying home. But then, a dream became a nightmare, a week turned into a month, and so it began. 

Waking everyday thinking “this is it, today it’ll be over”, but always going to sleep with the same thought “when?”. At first everyone felt safe, just a few people infected, everyone was happy staying at home. But as time passed by, more and more people stressed out. Probably the worst thing this pandemic has brought is stress depression, and loneliness for some people. At least for me, I could say I’ve felt, well, stuck. There’s no moving forward, we only keep getting worse! More people are getting sick, and everyday there are less beds in the hospitals; it is a complete disaster. Every time our President speaks, less hope comes out of his mouth.

Having to stay home is very overwhelming for everyone in my family, for with little mix-ups everyone breaks down. I think it is the same for almost everyone; quarantine is driving us crazy. My mum having to think if her job will be enough to support all our needs, my dad trying to help, me and my sister scared, not going back to school, everyone’s a wreck, and having online school is not that great of a solution. Students aren’t getting the education that they are paying for. Having to learn through a camera is not only a challenge for students, but also for teachers. Having to face twenty or more students knowing that some of them might not be paying attention by getting quickly distracted must be tough, and learning through a screen makes this hurdle greater.  

Everyday it’s the same routine, no changes, no social gatherings with more than ten people, wearing masks when leaving your house, it’s a strange reality the one we are living in. But it’s what we have, and instead of whining we should embrace it, become better citizens. It’s a rough journey we are going through, but hopefully it’ll soon be over.

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