Please fasten seatbelts: we are going to have a turbulent flight

When the plane took flight, our hearts felt the throb indicating their suspension in mid air, where undisturbed in the uncirculated airway they felt safe. Misfortunate were our minds, who as the landing gear they are, the arrival of the plane was made, quite late, but unsurprisingly successful. Before the flight, the pilot instructed the crew on the safety measures: wear the seatbelt during ascension and dissension, do not smoke, and in case of an emergency assist yourself first and then your child. During the flight the airplane experienced turbulence; the pilot was able to drive to the opposite direction of the winds, so the light aluminum structure was able to resist the wind’s force not by the mass of it, but by the strategy used by the pilot. After the flight, the crew had to wait until the indications from the control cabin were heard, announcing that the plane had stopped completely and seatbelts could be untied. To contrast the captain’s normalcy, a first time passenger looked at his fellow passengers with amazement, as they had disobeyed the commander of the plane by untying their seatbelts immediately after the landing. 

Firstly, the plane has landed, and so we had. After hearing our pilot, Tedro Adhanom Ghebrweyesus’ words were imaginarily saying “we have landed, enjoy your visit to this free land”, but realistically saying “We have therefore made the assessment that Covid-19 can be characterized as a pandemic”, do not untie your seatbelts yet. This was said by the director-general of the WHO in March 11 2020, when the covid-19 outbreak was classified as a pandemic after having surpassed the barriers of one country, implanting itself in the vast majority of countries, if not all. The instructions were heard loudly and clearly through the radio sound, these were the safety measures, which would keep us tight together in our seats, so that the turbulence of the flight would not harm us during our time in the unfamiliar pressure of the sky. We had to stay home as much as we could, and that ‘could’ is only subject to the times our necessities outstanded our luxuries. Going to the supermarket, receiving a well-packed delivered lunch, and walking the dogs of the family, was part of the routine outlined by authorities when countries ascended through the covid scale of cases. 

I remember the last weekend many of us spent outside our homes. My family would count and name the cases in Peru: the pilot, the schoolboy, the cousin,…., until reaching eleven more names. Soon, that was to be stopped, when the nation naturally mobilized and non-followed restrictions emerged. These restrictions, like the ones indicated by the pilot in the plane, followed a general formula:  isolate from any individual outside of your household. Isolation would ensure one’s own safety and that of their loved ones that would be in the same position as them, maintaining a fixed distance each in their homes. By protecting oneself, one is able to protect others, so put on your oxygen mask and then it is going to be easier to put on that one of your children. 

Secondly, we need to thank the pilot and copilot, who isolated from distractions and danger, they were able to combat the winds of the unruled air. The airplane, in its mere components, develops a strategy  related to its body. It’s not the mass of it that will seldomly determine its success at flying and maintaining low costs for the company, it’s the conjoint strategies by which the airplane acts upon. The structural components of the wings, the rudder, the elevators, will undoubtedly help it fly, but it is under the intellect of those who had inquired before the influence of science in our world that the pilot was able to save the crew and tripulation. Who are those who follow if not by those who lead? Or who are those who lead if not by those who follow? Let ourselves be saved. 

With turbulence ahead, taking a stance is needed. Today we 12.5 million cases have been confirmed of covid-19, or must we say ‘co-vid-19’. If we play with the words, we get a syllable ‘co’: a prefix derived from the latin ‘cum’ meaning union. ‘Vid’: derived from the latin ‘vitis’, the plant from which the pleasurous wine is formed to be fermented, or the one where spiritual truth is found. ‘19’: combines the strength of a round sum to 10. Lettering together the virus, covid-19 inspires union, life, resilience. Safety measures have to be followed, so the suspended hearts in mid air are protected, and with the song of resilience, the pilot will soon land on the land of the fortunate minds. 

Finally, the plane arrived safely on peaceful land, and the pilot directed his words to the crew and passengers: “ … airlines welcomes you to the international airport of Health land. Please remain with your seatbelts fastened on until the aircraft has completely stopped moving. The outside temperature is optimum for your development, of 30 degrees Celsius. We are arriving at 8 hours local time, with a delay of one hour due to weather difficulties (turbulence). We hope this was a pleasant flight, and thank you for your preference”.

The lady on the second row of economy class is at this moment standing ready to open the  hand-luggage compartment, with no mask on. The virus is spread to the man who had just woken up by the pilot’s words and is readjusting the position of his own mask. As those micro-organisms remain seated in our saliva civilly with their seatbelts fastened, their turbulence does not stop when being bumped from nose to nose, but they know that the turbulence is worth the delay, because after all, their plane is going to land someday.  At 8:00 hours, Pandemic airlines has announced a safe landing for the Coronavirus disease of  2019 – to be known.

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