Exercising during quarantine

Nobody imagined quarantine being so long, we need to start getting used to new ways of exercising. Although some of us find it very challenging to do our normal sports for several reasons, we still need to do some kind of physical activity. Regularly doing physical activities or sports benefit the body and mind. They can help reduce high blood pressure, manage weight and reduce the risk of a heart disease, diabetes and different cancers. All conditions that can make COVID-19 worse. 

Doing a physical activity also strengthens your bones and muscles and increases balance and flexibility. In addition, physical activities help our days have a routine and they are a way to stay in contact with family and friends. They are also good for our mental health reducing the risk of depression and improving our feelings. Therefore, physical activities and exercises provide you with long-term health benefits improving your quality of life. 

Daily doing exercise has distracted me from my daily routine and helped me be less tense with all the coronavirus thoughts. Like many of us, I had a difficult time getting used to sports without a coach or my friends motivating me however, I have searched multiple fun routines you may find interesting too. So here I am to share with you some simple workouts that are working great for me:

I recommend you Chloe Ting workouts. She has a lot of home friendly workout programs to choose from which are easy to follow and very enjoyable. She has long and short videos perfect for everyone! 

Here is the link if you want to check her web page with all her programs and videos!


However, if you would like to try more intense workouts, I would recommend you Pamela Reif programs. She has multiple simple workout videos on youtube that are amusing and great for a step further in your fitness journey. 

Here is the link if you want to check her youtube channel!


If you don’t exercise that much, I recommend you to try doing Madfit dance workout videos. These workouts are my favorite because they are super fun and perfect for people who get bored while doing exercises. 

Here is the link if you want to check her youtube channel!

Also, I recommend you to try workouts from popsugar fitness. On their youtube channel you will find easy to follow options that are perfect for everyone. You can find dance, HIIT, tabata, boxing and many workouts that you will love!

Here is the link if you want to check the youtube channel!


Finally, to exercise and clear your mind I recommend yoga with Adriene. On her youtube channel you will find calming videos to think, reason and improve as a person.

Here is the link to her youtube channel!


Enjoy exercising!

One thought on “Exercising during quarantine

  1. Thankyou for these reccomodations, I have definitly been doing more online exercise programs (though not enough lol) than before locldown, however I had begun to get stuck on ideas of workouts. SO I will check some of these out 🙂

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