Being locked up in a house prevents us from going to the gym, playing sports, and exercising the way we used to. Still, it’s important to keep working out during this time to stay healthy and fit.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts where you can find different women sharing their workouts and choose the ones you like better!


No Jumping Cardio Workout

 Lower Back Strength Workout 

 Butt Exercises

 Arms & Abs

 Bodyweight HIIT 


No Mat Workout

At Home Cardio

Skipping Alternatives

 5 minute Abs workout 

Nutrition recommendations


Buddy Workout

 KB Swang


 Push-up challenges


45 min HIIT & Core Workouts


10-30 min workouts 


Abs, glutes, arms and legs 

HIIT cardio 

Full body workouts 


Quick Upper Body & Core Workout

Core & Mobility Workout

 Inner Thigh Workout


Chest and Tris Workouts

Full Body Workouts


Nutrition recommendations


Workouts from experienced coaches

Nutrition recommendations


Exercise HIIT Circuit

 Swing Set Workout

Booty, Back, Arms & Abs Exercises

 Cardio Sculpt Circuit

Nutrition Recommendations



Warm-up Exercises

Conditioning Drills

T-spine Stretching

ZOOM clases

 Muscle Building

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