Embracing the quarantine

You may be having a lot of mixed feelings about this quarantine and maybe asking yourself, is this quarantine really helping? Am I spending my time right? What are the good things about this quarantine?  All these questions about the current situation that we are all living in may be constantly on your heads. 

So, let me tell you the good things about this quarantine:

  1. Spending time with your family doing all sorts of activities like cooking, watching a movie, playing board games, making puzzles, or just talking. 
  2. Quarantine has helped the environment in many different ways, such as reducing the pollution. For example, I have seen in the news that the Rimac River is now much more clean than it was before.  There are a lot more birds flying on our beaches, and the air is much cleaner, etc.
  3. The animals are feelling free to walk in the cities because there are no people around to bother them. 
  4. Doing a lot of exercise which is really good for yourself. 
  5. Taking care of your body for example, by putting on face masks. 
  6. All the free time in quarantine could make you reflect about your life, and your life goals, your interests and the people that you want to have around. 

This quarantine may carry a lot of bad things, like not going to school, not seeing your friends and family, staying at home, etc, but overall there are a bunch of good things that you can lean on that can help you when we get out of quarantine. This is our reality right now and we have to embrace it and learn from it.

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