Outside the Window

It is peculiar to think that a few days back everything was as usual. Early morning would roll in with the unceasing chirping of the boisterous birds, a wakeup call for every diligent worker. The faint sun rays would dance around jet black rooms, casting a radiant smolder that overpowered the darkness. Groggy individuals would stumble across their rooms with squinted eyes and zombie-like gestures. 

Half an hour later everyone would be on their way to work or school. After a while it became a ceaseless routine for all of us; an obligation we mainly disrelished. Every Monday we would yearn for the weekend, often wondering when our next vacations would finally arrive. We would seldom appreciate the beauty of our city whilst speeding off to our dreaded destinations. Nothing ever gave us a motive to truly value and acknowledge the world outside our window. 

Yet now, our usual has taken an unusual approach. Our programmed routine has been entirely altered. And now we stand still and silently ponder behind the scenes. Looking at the world we disregarded with a sense of regret. As we keep staring at the unfamiliar streets, we realize how desperately we want to simply breathe in the biting breeze and smell the sweet scent of the blooming flowers. How our body irks to let go and run through the deserted streets. How we crave to go back to our conventional lives.

At home, nighttime now takes longer to settle in. Once the clock strikes 8, the cheers and applauses of the neighbors create a captivating symphony. Everyone is so entranced by the beauty of our community; spellbind to merge with them and rhythmically clap on. It is at this moment when the circumstances of our situation finally dawn upon everyone. Watching the families joyously approach the blazing lights of their balcony but noticing the somber abyss of the streets lurking underneath; a contradiction unknown to our eyes. This gesture allowed us to face our miserable reality.

For the first time in forever, not even the faint rumble of an engine can be heard. Total peace and quiet surrounds our muddled minds. We press our hands against the glass panes, attempting to savour the feeling of freedom. We close our eyes and seek to imagine the distant sound of people’s mingling chattering. We breathe in to remind ourselves that this confinement will soon be over. 

Tempting. The only word that fully describes the outside world from our position. Everything about it makes us desire it more. Yet soon we will forget this ever happened and go back to our mechanical routine. We will forget about the enthralling beauty we saw in the nature that surrounds us. About our glamorous 8 o’clock meetings that united us as a community. We will even forget about the tranquility of not waking up to the honking and rumble of morning traffic, but instead, to the serene sounds of Mother Nature. Life outside the window will be nothing more than a distant memory hidden away in the chasms of our mind.  

Featured Image: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c0/b7/78/c0b7783bffa8cf2116cec8ea7404aa2b.jpg

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