Movies, music and more: artsy stuff reviewed and recommended

Sleepaway Camp -Robert Hiltzik

Sleepaway Camp is not an outstanding movie, it is just fun to watch. When the movie started, I thought it was an unoriginal film about a serial killer in a summer camp, but the ending is completely unexpected and totally worth it. The acting was very poor but either way the characters are still likeable. I’d definitely recommend this film if you’r an 80s slasher fanatic.


I’m not a movie-subtitles kind of person but this was the only exception. I saw Parasite thinking it was a typical rich vs poor family movie but it was much more than that, a movie with ground-breaking cinematography and one of the most original plots I’ve ever seen. It was outstanding how the movie managed to take a complete turn the last 30 minutes and had me at the edge of my seat 10 minutes after making me laugh non-stop. It was perfectly planned out, the lightning, the camera position, they were completely appropriate for the scenes. How does someone fit comedy, horror, drama and thriller into a two-hour movie? Needless to say it is a must-watch and a masterpiece of film-making.

Stupid Love -Lady Gaga

I listened to this song as soon as it came out expecting it to have the same country ballads as Joanne, but instead I was completely caught off-guard when I realized this song transmitted the same energy as Born This Way and The Fame Monster. It’s the comeback of old Gaga, a classic love song with an euphoric rhythm that defined pop music accompanied by a music video with crazy outfits and choreographed dances. She defied the new “rules” of music and gave us a lead single that brought us back to the 2010s. While Stupid Love might lack meaningful lyrics, it is still an empowering anthem for starting a new realtionship. 

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