The Journey

It all starts when you command your legs to employ those extra glycerol cells and transform them into pure energy. Aiming to sit in your car, so familiar by now. The leather seats aware of every crevice of your body, adapted to the precise temperature. Your own spaceship, soft and familiar to your experiences. The Honda goes backwards to enter the road, and finally after much anticipation, starts the engine and flies.

The father drives peacefully and energetically. Both feelings creating an imperfect web where everything is tangible. Those strings only hold vacancies for creativity and philosophy. Peace and excitement click and decide to flood the atmosphere with this hybrid creation. It is a brand new sensation of pleasure. 

The daughter is fascinated by the white lights on the street. The colonnade creates an exit route out of this world. She looks above her and there it is, infinity. The sky has transformed, all that is left is a vacuum where only the bravest have settled, the stars.

The stereo plays delicate notes enthusiastic in conveying the beauty behind each word and sound. Each slithers, consonant and rhyme. They enter your body in the hope of nurturing your soul and feed it with optimism. 

There are minutes made of seconds that pretend to be hours. You believe them because of the tranquility of the night. It is a short slip into paradise. These instants, so mild and serene, are those which you won’t lose their grip on, wanting to capture them with a padlock just in case they turn out to be naughty and fleeting. However, it is only in good faith because these moments do not obey our rules and thoughts. 

Thoughts and feelings. These two are all-mighty, they dominate these lands. If you reflect upon the history of our century, its roots grew from both these emotions. Thoughts and feelings invade you in this journey home; you recall joy and loss. One tastes music and art and contacts divinity. An effortless attempt to lay your feelings smoothly and breathe. A beautiful change, compared to the days when one can’t fall without stress streaming down your eyes like tidal waves.

The daughter falls asleep. She surrenders her self-control to life and secretly admits to do whatever she can possibly dream of and never pursued.

That journey, a 15 minute drive through the conglomerated and sharp streets of Lima allows a bond to ionise, and a mind to expand.

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