What We Take for Granted

Four moments that come around each year,

All defined by time and control the sphere,

They make leaves grow and make them fall,

And are able to direct the weather overall.

First comes the sun that strikes through leaves,

That can make one blind and yet feel at ease.

When the warmth and the wind around feel summery

The days are carefree and you only think of family.

The sand is warm as it slides between your feet,

And the salty smell of the sea is apparent in the heat.

Oh, how the sun is bright and the days are long!

Birds fly through a blue canvas as they just sing a song.

Suddenly, the tropical wind fades away

As the icy breeze barely finds its way.

The days are short and the nights are dark,

Yet you enjoy this because there is a spark.

White crystals fall on the tip of your nose,

As the world around you stopped and froze.

The birds sing no more as they go away and hide,

And so do we as we stay at home inside.

“There are four seasons,” they all said,

But here, two of them appear to be dead.

The leaves do not turn orange, yellow nor brown,

And the flowers do not blossom, they just seem to drown.

They all drown in what is heat or frost,

But all of this seems to be a cost.

We’re paying for what we have done,

We’ve taken away resources until there are none.

How can we live in peace,

As the world begins to crumble to its knees,

It all was fine until they disappeared,

We have broken the world and it is worse than what we feared.

Two constant things of an everchanging world are lacking,

Hopefully, two of them are still here but it is nervewracking.

What if they start to fade into nothing,

Then I guess we would start to care as we would be left with nothing.

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