How Can Music Affect our Daily Behaviour?

For many, music is an essential part of their daily life; whether it is an upbeat song to make the morning better or a relaxing acoustic cover before bedtime, music can change the way we feel or behave from one second to the other. 

Scientist, Dr Joyce Chen, has been studying the effects of music on the brain, exploring how engages with several areas of the brain. Dr Chen found evidence that music can regulate our feelings, our mood.

“There is also a lot of behavioural literature showing that how you feel can affect how you perform, how you make decisions”, she states.

Study has shown that music has a great impact on regions of the brain which are responsible for planning, emotions and rewards, as well as the release of the happy chemical called dopamine. 

For example, Music can seem to make a person think that they are not working or exercising enough during physical activity when in reallity the person is working twice as hard as opposed to what they think. During sports, if you listen to a song with a fast or strong rhythm or high energy music, it improves the exercise and increases the amount of power a person is able to generate.

What is interesting, is that humans have been the only animals shown to have a response and move to music instantly depending on the rhythm. Humans can actually move and synchronise to a wide range of rhythms. Although it has not been proven why music takes a reaction from us, it is fascinating how different people can respond to rhythm. 

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