Light Switch: A look within

Turning a light switch on and off requires no effort; a simple movement of your finger generates light or darkness in less than a second. On and off, on and off, a cycle we repeat many times a day. We never question it, never acknowledging the importance of it; until the bulb burns out or electricity is cut. Then we start to question it. If turning a light switch on and off physically is so easy, why is coming out of the dark and seeing the light so difficult?

At our age, darkness hangs on us like a shadow, relentlessly following us around. Every day we wonder what path is ours to take and why we haven’t found it yet. We never realize that we cause our own shadows by standing in our light. We evoke our doubts and confusions; our misleads and judgements, by focusing on the why’s in life instead of living life. Time will enlighten our path, and even though many times we will not know what lies beyond, faith and determination will guide us forward.

Light switch off. Darkness engulfing all of its surroundings, as well as you. Lost in a dark room, sounds pouring from every direction, unable to do anything from fear of falling into the abyss. It is a cacophony of sounds, luring you in with their catchy melodies. You can arrange an order to these sounds; an order to your life. How? Finding your way around the darkness to reach your source; the light switch. The obstacles obstructing your way are not easy to battle, requiring inner strength and your desire to find yourself. Surrounded by shadows with no distinguished shape, everything seems the same level of importance. You don’t know what you are battling with, what you’ve delved yourself into. The only thing that matters now, is looking through the darkness for the solution to this abstract world of uncertainty.

Light switch flickering. Doubt dancing through every nerve, filling the mind with rhetorical questions. Confusion taking control of the mind, clouding each thought filtering through the mind. You are standing so close to the light switch that with a powerful stretch, you could reach it. Your fingers ghost it, but there is not enough strength within you. The light switch flickers, turning on and off, a vicious tease that makes you want to scream your lungs out. Why? It’s your enemy, doubt, enemy created by you and only defeated by you. It is when you understand and confront it that will light pour in, cascading like a waterfall until it reaches you. This enlightenment can’t be perceived with a hazy mind, but a certain and confident one.

Light switch on. Finally, you defied all the obstacles that once clouded your mind. Finally, you understood and surpassed your own darkness, and were consumed by your own light. It is the end of the journey to find yourself, but the start of a whole new chapter. Switching the light brought clarity to your surroundings, all the shadows that creeped on every edge of the room, you’ve now realized, were tools to help you find yourself. What you were looking for, for so long, was always there. Confusion no longer holds your mind hostage; your purpose and destiny now shimmering throughout every corner of your mind. If you had seen your path illuminated in front of you, then it wouldn’t have been yours, for it takes time to build your own path and trust your journey.

Something as small as a light bulb -a flickering light- has the power to enlighten a whole room, but more so, a whole being. It is alright not to know all the answers to your thoughts, for these will present themselves when least expect them. We are still young and have a whole life ahead of us, with time in our favor. Let’s appreciate everything we have now, because these will help us respect ourselves, hence realize our purpose. If you want to acknowledge your reality, the path will be extremely arduous, but at the end, what will make your eyes open will be something as insignificant as a light switch.

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