How Minimalism can Change your Life

Choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle may sound like a modern tragedy at first, but it can change your life, for good.

Despite what many may suppose, minimalism is not a set of rules you must follow. It is a mental state. A minimalist is someone who prioritises solely what’s essential. This mentality not only reduces accumulation, distractions, clutter and noise; it reduces much more than that. A minimalist does not live in the middle of a forest without Wifi, they are not the modern cavemen. Instead, minimalism consists of leaving materialism behind. Materialism occurs when we place value on obtaining material things above everything else, becoming our main goal in life. Minimalists take into account the modern conveniences and don’t restrict themselves from their benefits. It depends on you how far you want to go! Minimalism doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.

To start off, minimalism is the easiest way to declutter. Getting rid of the extra things like that t-shirt you haven’t worn in the last 5 years, or those books that you plan on reading, but know that you will not. Following Marie Kondō’s advice, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. This, altogether, will help you breathe, let go of the past and of the claustrophobic feeling of accumulated material things.

Minimalism also allows refocusing. When you are full of material things, you neglect your ability to focus because your concentration is all over the place. Needing less leads to working less resulting in more free time to do whatever you enjoy. As a result, your mind will remain at ease.

Dependence on money will also become less relevant when transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. You will have more money and debts will remain part of the past! Eventually, you will experience its advantages, which will grow larger as time passes. Believe me, you will crave for more.

Finally, simplifying your life by becoming a minimalist, is the finest way to pursuit bliss. Learning about what matters and concentrating on your goals is crucial because nowadays it is easy to get into the consumerism trap. Now that you’ve got know how to get your life under control, will you pursue a minimalist lifestyle?

Featured Image: Daniela Cavero

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