Peru from a Canadian’s Perspective!

Before moving here to Lima, I didn’t know much of Peru except that there was Machu Picchu and llamas…  Although I am still discovering Peru, I have learned tons about this beautiful country and its culture… So here is a list of the things one should know before going to Peru!

  1. Be prepared to eat the most amazing food ever!! I had heard that Lima was the culinary capital of South America and I understand why!! The traditional peruvian food is so comforting and yummy (lomo saltado, aji de gallina, etc), but there is also the fusion food, like chifa, which makes me salivate just writing about it🤤 Of course there’s ceviche, Peru’s probably most famous dish! At first I was a bit reluctant to eat raw fish that was only cooked by the acid of lime juice.. But let me tell you: it’s delicious!!!

2. But people eat late! Peruvians in general eat so late! I was used to eat lunch at 11:20 at my old school, and here it’s at 1:20!! It took awhile for my stomach to get used to it but now I much prefer this lunch time!

3. The driving! People say the traffic is crazy, but it’s actually not too bad.. But the way people drive.. That’s another story! When we moved here, our taxi driver told us that here, in Peru, the driving laws were only a suggestions and I think it reflects well the way people drive 😉

4. Relax and take it slow… 🤙🏼 Peru is very latino in the way that it’s laidback and chill. Life has a slower pace and things get done “mañana” which makes you feel like you’re on vacation. People here are also more lenient on punctuality… If you tell someone to meet up at 1:00 for lunch, don’t expect them to be on time.. They’ll probably arrive 30 minutes, even an hour later!!

5. Peru is like three countries in one! Peru has three geographical sections which makes the country very diverse! The climate for example varies a lot! It can be 25 degrees in the desertic city of Nazca, but you drive a couple hours and the temperature drops and you can find snow! So far I have only been on the coast and in the sierra but I am hoping to go in the jungle during the winter break!!

6. Soccer… or should I say futbol!️ Saying that soccer is popular would be an understatement! Everywhere you go, you can see people playing, or someone wearing a soccer t-shirt, but things got even more intense when the FIFA World Cup started! I’ve never seen a country so united over a sport! We missed classes to watch the games..! It really amazed me to see everyone so involved.. The Peruvian team is very lucky to have such fans!!

7. The people! Everyone here is so nice and warm! I’ve been to Lima, to Mancora, to Cusco and other places in Peru and everyone was just so friendly, sweet, and welcoming! They say that people in Canada are nice but that’s only because they haven’t been to Peru yet:)  

8. Prettiest sunsets are on the coast of Lima! Although the sunsets here don’t last long (they set really fast!!) they are by far the prettiest and colorful… when it’s not cloudy!

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