Artist Spotlight : Juan Enrique Bedoya

Peruvian artist Juan Enrique Bedoya gathered 179 photographs to launch his exhibition at the MALI museum on the 4th of April. The Peruvian artist named his exhibition “Museo” as he aimed to show the evolution of a museum experience around the world. This exhibition shows the development of collections and how these begin at home. Bedoya has traveled across the United States and Europe capturing candid moments of people appreciating art on museums, art galleries and exhibition areas.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.40.10 AM

The first set of photographs were taken in Peru back in the 1990s. These eye-catching black and white photographs particularly stand out due to their different meaning and aim. Bedoya took these photos knowing exactly what he wanted on the picture frame rather than aiming for a candid shot. These photographs give a background story on Bedoya’s life and the environment that he grew up in, featuring his cousins, shoes and bag, as a cabinet of wonder (XVI).

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.40.20 AM

On the other hand, the coloured photographs are a candid representation of what was happening in a specific moment. Bedoya did not plan the scene, but decided to capture the other people without them noticing. This is the reason why he always keeps a small camera with him; to make sure that he takes the photograph at the right time. These photos are a result of a patient wait, because sometimes, finding the perfect moment can take time.

Apart from having photographs from the floor up to the ceiling, “Museo” also counts on life representations of stuffed animals, books and old cameras that make reference to the photographs. Solving the puzzle from the books on to the walls is a must-do activity.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.40.30 AM

Nowadays, for museums to keep their public alive and interacting, they require other outlets such as restaurants, advertising and blockbusters. “Museo” is set to reclaim the value of a museum on the younger public.


Location: Museum de Art de Lima – MALI
Address: Paseo Colon 125, Parque de la Exposición, Lima.
Season: from April 4 to October 21
Museum director: Natalia Majluf (San Silvestre  ex-alumna)

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