Magic Time

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Warm up. Red leather, yellow leather. Breathe in for five, out four. Costumes on, hair, makeup. The ensemble joins hands, all sharing a passion for the work of art they’re about to bring to life, all experiencing the feeling of butterflies flying inside them.

Adrenaline rushing through their veins; it’s the 20 minutes call. Running crew up and down with props and set pieces; the actors running to their places. All ready for their qeues? Curtain. Magic Time.

They all break a leg and the show that they’ve been rehearsing for months, after three nights, vanishes into thin air to become no more than an impactful memory in the minds of those who experienced the catharsis of the play. Every day takes a different shape, no show is similar to the next. It is a real time experience, limited to the present, and impossible to capture with the future.

That’s why it’s magic.

A story played out by illusionists and made up of stardust.

Featured Image: Maira Walker

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