Supreme Court supports Trump’s Travel Ban

This diplomatic measure prevents those originating to the countries of Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the US. The Supreme court ruled in favor of this ban in December 2017. The countries to which this ban has been applied are Majority-Muslim countries which is why it has been facing so much controversy. This stops approximately 150 million people from being allowed entry into the USA.

On April 25th of this year, 2 very important judges of the US supreme court expressed their support towards President Trump’s travel ban. These 2 judges are Chief of justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, they tried to explain how they didn’t believe it to be intelligent to question Donald Trump’s authority, especially in things which relate to matters of national security. This ban was one of Trump’s first actions as president, yet ever since the executive order was made it has sparked harsh criticism, the most common criticism being that this ban is solely motivated by discrimination and hate, which is why many urge the supreme court to cancel the travel ban. This is why many of the supreme court have asked whether this ‘muslim ban’ was incentivated by national security, or by a hate towards those which belong to a certain religion. Yet some politicians have expressed their opinions of how not all muslim-majority countries were banned from the USA.


In court this ban has also been compared with travel bans which have been imposed for Venezuelan and North Korean leaders and their families. With these other bans there has been no controversy or protests. Nonetheless, activists have explained that these are completely different situations where the Venezuelan and North Korean ban was only towards certain people, and for political reasons, while the muslim ban is towards an entire population and only towards countries that have muslim-majority populations, not towards countries which have attacked the USA in the past.

Those which support the travel ban are most commonly conservative leaning politicians and supreme court members,which is why Trump’s travel ban wasn’t immediately rejected by the government. It has been 15 months since the law for this ban was passed, since then several judges in states including, Hawaii, California, Maryland and Virginia, have rejected the ban, categorizing it as unconstitutional, which forced the debate to be taken to the supreme court.

Trump has said “has been crystal clear this is not a Muslim ban”. An official decision will be made this month

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