What is Yin Yang?

Yin and Yang takes part in Chinese philosophy and is a well known concept in Taoism. With the translation to “Dark and Bright” or “Negative and Positive”, Yin and Yang describes the interconnectedness of complementary, rather than opposite, forces; which are responsible for nature’s equilibrium. It is the representation of the idea that everything in nature should be seen as a whole.

This idea is the guideline for traditional Chinese medicine and the ground rule of various forms of Chinese martial arts and exercises such as Taichi, and Qigong. Yin and Yang’s aspects are present all the time, such as light and dark, fire and water, females and males, expanding and contracting, etc. The definition of one is dependent to that of the other.

Yin is steady, delicate, passive, dispersed, cool, humid, nonviolent; and is related with water, earth, the moon, femininity, and nighttime. Whilst Yang is rapid, harsh, strong, focused, warm, dry, active; which is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

The taijitu symbol, also known as the Yin and Yang symbol in the West, shows  two opposite colors, white representing Yang and black representing Yin; each with a small circle inside of the opposite colour to show that everything is stable. For instance, a phrase that conveys Yin and Yang is: “When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created.” In Science, for example, a magnet would not be a magnet without both the North and South Poles and it could be seen as if protons are Yang, while electrons are Yin.

Needham, a historian, concludes:  “There can be very little doubt that the philosophical use of the terms began about the beginning of the -4th century, and that the passages in older texts which mention this use are interpolations made later than that time.”

Some phrases associated with Yin and Yang:

  • Illness is the doorway to health.
  • Tragedy turns to comedy.
  • Disasters turn out to be blessings.

The term is also applied to humans. For example, if we do not eat, we die. However, if we have too much food, strokes or heart attacks emerge. Conversely, exercising without resting, doesn’t let our bodies develop muscle. Yet if we rest and never exercise, our bodies turn fragile. This confirms everything should be done in moderation, we must not have too much or too little off something because that will make us stay out of balance.

Being ´well rounded´ was not part of my personality until I learned that duality is part of the fundamental formula for the creation of life itself. In a year I would have 6 months full of motivation, productivity, optimism, energy and fun, but then 6 months later I would feel lazy, unproductive, discouraged and tired, which made me think about creating patterns in my life to create what I want in life.  Appreciation and acknowledgment of the universal law will allow you to be at ease with it. But it is not your obligation, the universe manifests that progress, transformation, on its own. The pain that you endure will mold you into a powerful being, capable. In the end, it will fade away because you will simply recognize those two points of tranquility which will serve as an opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop new abilities and virtues.

Featured Image: https://www.teepublic.com/onesie/1352150-great-wave-yin-yang

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