4 Surprising Health Findings

Science has been making a whole lot of progress these last few years; from finding new prospects of life in the Proxima Centauri to successfully being able to incubate a lamb in an artificial womb. However, how many of these surprising health findings could be affecting your life without you even noting them?


1. Sitting at a desk can increase death risk by almost 50%
This one does not apply to all of you who love sitting on top of the desks at school before the bell rings. The University of Sydney found out that those who sit more than 10 hours a day non-stop on the same place have a 48% greater chance of dying than those who sit for less than 5 hours. This risk can be easily prevented by adding a few breaks and little activities that will allow you to stand up from your workplace and alleviate the tension generated.


2. Smelling an apple could save you from Claustrophobia
Have you ever felt asphyxiated in a room, as if you couldn’t breathe? Well, according to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation from Chicago smelling a green apple can decrease stress levels caused by small spaces. Plus, estate agents believe that the smell of a fresh green apple appeal to young buyers as it makes the house seem bigger.


Smelling an apple to reduce stress caused by small places

3. Napping makes you Smarter
Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats being able to take a long Sunday afternoon nap when nobody is there to take you away from that pure bliss. Well, you just found out the perfect excuse to do it everyday, as Harvard researchers assure sleep aids learning, especially in terms of memory. In 2010, a study was done to prove that dreaming reactivates and organizes the information learnt throughout the day. In the test, the volunteers had to complete a complex maze, some of them were able to nap 1 ½ hours during a break whilst the other ones could not. Then, when they retried the maze, some of the volunteers who were allowed to sleep could complete it, and the others failed miserably. Sleeping well will not 100% make you any smarter than what you are today, but it does make sure that your mind and body are on the way to a perfectly healthy lifestyle.


4. Monday Mornings
“Dear Monday mornings, I want to breakup. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, It’s not me, Its you.” The dreaded end of the weekend increases your chances of having a heart attack by 20% according to Japan’s Tokyo Women’s Medical University. They showed that workers suffer an increase in blood pressure at the beginning of the week due to the cumulative stress of leaving behind a relaxing weekend. The increase on blood pressure is associated with risks such as a stroke, heart attacks or coronary artery disease which may be the reason why most of these diseases are registered under Mondays rather than Fridays.


Featured Image: https://www.123rf.com/photo_35814326_stock-vector-doctor-s-desktop-with-medical-healthcare-tools-and-equipment-laptop-tablet-and-phone.html

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