Brexit may not happen?

Brexit is the withdrawal  of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which was decided last year through means of a vote. There was much debate about this topic and much controversy as to if this was the correct decision. This caused various problems in British and global economy, one of the most notorious being  the depreciation of the pound to the lowest value it has been since 1985. This ‘exit’ is planned to take place on March 29th 2019.

Even though all these plans had been made, secretary David Davis admitted that Brexit may not really happen. This completely contradicts what was said by British Prime Minister Theresa May in her new year’s speech, as she encouraged British pride and promised to make advancements regarding Brexit.

theresa may.jpg
British Prime Minister Theresa May

Another politician who has mentioned the possibility of Brexit not taking place is Senior Liberal Democrat MP Sir Vince Cable. He said that the divisions between major parties are too large, and that if there were a second election for or against Brexit,  the original decision may be overturned.

Nevertheless  there is a belief that Brexit may never happen, and that it is just a rumor created from they interpretations of certain comments made by politicians. The British prime minister, Theresa May has confirmed that Brexit will take place on the planned date. Yet there are certain complications with the process, such as Scotland wanting to obtain independence through a referendum and the British government not being very prepared for such a large change. Nonetheless, these complications aren’t threats to Brexit and can be solved, allowing Brexit to continue.

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